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My personal interests are of a darker nature. Pathology, death, crime scenes, serial killers, true crime. These things are particularly interesting to me. I also enjoy horror movies, trap music, metal and traveling. I traveled a lot until Covid hit.. Going to new places and stepping outside of my comfort zone is very exciting to me.

When it comes to my BDSM and Kink interests I enjoy the psychological aspects of domination a great deal. Getting into a man’s head and really mindfucking him. I also really enjoy inflicting pain. I am definitely a Sadist. Anything to make a man squirm and whimper like a little bitch. I am cruel and I make no apologies for it.

Submission With A Purpose

Phone Domination

Find me on niteflirt to schedule an appointment. http://niteflirt.com/GothFemmeFatale

Cash Point Meets

You must give tribute on a consistent basis for at least a year, show ID and follow all rules.

Distance Domination

I am available to polite, respectful submissive men for Distance Domination via text, DMs, niteflirt and email.

Digital Worship

I post new Worship Pics DAILY on my OnlyFans. http://onlyfans.com/GothFemmeFatale

Financial Domination

I love to use moneyslaves for my greed outlet & you love to spend. It's a match made in heaven.

Domestic Service

Cleaning my house, yard work and cleaning my car. Serving me this way is a privilege for my most devoted and loyal manthings.

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