Life and stuff

Today I met someone new. She’s pretty nice, honestly. Even though I really didn’t want to like her. I never want to like anyone though. I really dislike most peopleā€¦ because they are fucking stupid and it makes my brain hurt.

I had a very busy day and like most of my busy days, at night my fibromyalgia kicks my ass. So I’m curled up on my couch with my heating pad, electric blanket and lots of THC while I watch my murder shows on Investigation Discovery. Tonight I’m watching Evil Lives Here: Shadows of Death. I’m pretty butthurt about the lack of new Judge Judy episodes.

Hopefully tomorrow evening my pain levels will be under control cuz I’d really like to do a new photoset. But I absolutely refuse to when my body hurts. Nope. It’s very frustrating cuz I love taking pics Videos.. meh, which is why I rarely do anymore. But I loooove doing pics.

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