I love ballbusting

I love ballbusting

Anyone else watch Ridiculousness on MTV? I’m kind of obsessed. Last night, on one of the episodes I watched, Rob held this guy back while Chanel kicked him in the balls. As annoying as she is, I love that for her. I love ballbusting. Who else loves ballbusting?

Tonight I french braided my hair by myself for the first time. Looks like hell but I’ll get better the more I do it lol.

During a conversation with a minion recently, he asked if I ever miss any of my boys who aren’t mine anymore. I didn’t even have to think about it. My answer was yes. There are two who I miss dearly. I think of them often and 1 of them, I check up on facebook. But I don’t message him or anything. I just like to know he’s still alive (because of his profession).

I’m really enjoying having this blog. Don’t get me wrong, I prefer to paywall most of my content. Videos and pictures.. etc. But I missed the old-school way I did things. I’m bringing a lot of it back. I have so many fun plans!

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