A Goddess of a Woman

I am here to be worshipped. Admired. Put on a pedestal. I am a Woman, I am a GODDESS. I demand respect, appreciation, love and support. And you, wellllll you were put on this earth to provide all these things. If you are unable or unwilling, move aside so the ones who won’t disappoint me can come forward.

Disappointment. A word that often comes to mind when thinking of men. It’s unfortunate, really. Manthings are born with so much potential. But most are disappointments who never live up to that potential. Every manthing has a choice to make in their lives. Do you accept your place as the inferior sex? Do you accept that Women are superior and should be worshipped? Do you seek guidance and training? This is where my boot camp will come into place. An option for manthings who want to choose the correct path and live up to their full potential under a superior woman. Be patient pets. It’s coming. 🙂

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