Moon Goddess

Moon Goddess

I was in the mood for pretty new lingerie and bought several hundred dollars worth. My idiot reimbursed me. It finally arrived after a week and I took some pics of me trying it on. I posted 1 so far on my onlyfans. I’ll do some real photosets in it after I heal from my surgery.

I’m really looking forward to the beautiful crystal Moon Goddess crown I ordered.. which idiot ALSO reimbursed me for. He’s such a good boy for me.

My piglet has been doing a good job of keeping up with his task of dropping off weekly tributes to me in person. Absolutely love that for me.

Toe slave and slave j have been keeping me highly entertained in our group text. We’ve been playing this game where I screenshot something I buy and they compete to see who can pay me back the fastest. It’s super fun. So far, slave j is winning. I love making manthings compete. Yeeeeee *claps*

Ok byyyeee

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