Goth FinDom on OnlyFans

Goth FinDom on OnlyFans

Happy August, little manthings. Now’s the time of year I typically begin looking forward things. The hot summer ending, even though we still have a little bit to go. BUT IT’S COMING! And my precious Halloweeeeeen. Fall. Hoodies. More time outdoors in nature.

Unfortunately, Friday I got the news that Miss Ellie has cancer. Waiting for the lab to confirm what the vet said, then I’ll decide what to do next. Chemo/radiation are not an option. I will not put her through that out of my own selfishness in wanting more time with her. If surgery is an option, I will definitely take that.

In happier news, I’m fully off those horrid meds and the side effects of quitting are almost completely gone. Annnd my surgery was a success. I posted more about my surgery on onlyfans. You can also join my LoyalFans which is $6.66 until I have more content up. I’m also posting more on Stars/AVN

Considering a trip in September. Piglet begged and begged to come with me on one but I rejected him. He’s better at being a wallet and just bringing me cash. When it comes to the kinds of femdom activities *I* enjoy, he’s a bit of a disappointment. A boner-killer, if you will.

A move might be in the works. More about that on my OF though. Gonna lock it up and paywall that ish. 🙂

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