Day of Worship

Day of Worship

What a lovely Sunday I had, it was so relaxing. Not too bad of a money day *giggles*. Sundays are always my favorite for abusing you mutts. My life is very busy anymore and I have a pretty hard time allowing myself to relax. Most of the time I am on the go and multitasking while I take your money and/or being mean to you.

I made money before I even woke up, relaxed all day with my dogs and watched true crime shows and ridiculousness. I also graced some lucky boys with my attention. How jealous are you?

So many boys.. joining together in worship of their Dark Goddess while renouncing christianity. I fucking love that for me.

Amusingly enough, pigbitch has been sniffing around. I’ve known for quite a while but pretended I didn’t. Don’t fret, pig. I’ll keep your secret forever. Pinky promise.

From now on I’m setting aside Sundays for relaxation and nothing but FinDom. I’ll call it Day of Worship.

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