I hope you choke on a fat dick :)

I hope you choke on a fat dick :)

Omg miss me? Duh, of course you did. I’ve read the emails. They, much like you, are downright pathetic. All manthings are inadequate scum though. I mean really. Always desperate for whatever bit of crumbs I give.

I’ve sent out another niteflirt p2v. If you aren’t on my mailing list there you’re really missing out. What more could you beg for? The opportunity to PAY and WORSHIP. Lucky, lucky boys. Pay this to be added.

I’ve been working on some customs this last week, 1 more to go and I’m done for the year most likely.

Run along and follow my new twitter account since my last one got shadowbanned 🙄

This weekend I am out of town and completely unreachable to ALL of you. Even my favorites. Hurts huh, stain. Let the energy, neediness and cravings build. I’m going to destroy you over and over again when I get back home. byy-EEEEE

5950cookie-checkI hope you choke on a fat dick 🙂