A Goddess of a Woman

My personal interests are of a darker nature. Pathology, death, crime scenes, serial killers, true crime. These things are particularly interesting to me. I also enjoy horror movies, trap music, metal and traveling. I traveled a lot until Covid hit.. Going to new places and stepping outside of my comfort zone is very exciting to me.

When it comes to my BDSM and Kink interests I enjoy the psychological aspects of domination a great deal. Getting into a man’s head and really mindfucking him. I also really enjoy inflicting pain. I am definitely a Sadist. Anything to make a man squirm and wimper like a little bitch. I am cruel and I make no apologies for it. You will learn to LOVE suffering for me. You will, in fact, crave it.

I am not even remotely interested in catering to your fetishes. This is about ME and what makes ME happy. And that is your job. To cater to ME and make ME happy. Men exist to provide for and worship me. If you can’t worship me the way I want then *poof*. Just like that, you don’t exist anymore.

Domestic Service is an absolute favorite interest of mine. It’s also part of my Boot Camp for Bitches program I’m going to be implementing. However, manthings who fuck up hoping to be punished will be promptly dismissed.. permanently.