At My Feet

Due to covid, I am not currently meeting new submissives.

Do you dream of being at my feet? Being used as a footstool? Being dominated, used and abused?

I do meet my most devoted minions. Once trust, limits and a connection are established of course. And once you EARN IT. You will earn EVERYTHING because you deserve nothing.

My comfort is of the utmost importance. I’m a Lifestyle Goddess and prefer to inflict most pain hands on – if I happen to allow you the honor of hurting for me. Face slapping, spitting and ball-busting…etc. these are a few of my favorite things. 

Foot Worship is a sacred act. Don’t think for a second you’ll be permitted to put your grubby little hands all over them. You will be tested and trained. You will learn patience. If you are truly committed to me and my happiness, and pass all my tests, you will get the ultimate honor of worshipping my feet.