Divine Law

  1. Worship Me. Completely. Mind, body and soul.
  2. Become an extension of me. My interests will be your interests. If I am happy, you are happy. If I am sad, you are sad. If I am mad, you better be scared.
  3. Expect nothing, ever.
  4. Be agreeable and patient. Always.
  5. Learn to anticipate my needs and wants based on my moods.
  6. Realize that it’s all. about. me. ALWAYS.
  7. Accept Goddess as The One. Superior. All-knowing. Highly evolved. A Goddess among humans.
  8. You will be tested. Do not disappoint me.
  9. 100% honesty and transparency are an absolute requirement.

I may change, remove or add to this list of Divine Laws as I see fit. Study it.