A little about me

My name is Karah

I reside in the midwest but have lived in multiple states. I’m a happily retired Dominatrix – I offer no services. I’m pretty boring these days. I enjoy spending my time alone, in nature and doing my own thing. I’m open-minded, non judgmental and live my life, my way.

Kink Enthusiast

KINK has been a part of my life for all of  my adult life. It’s very fluid and power exchange is a huge interest of mine. I  began my path in Kink as a Domme, but  I have many interests within kink and BDSM. Almost all of my personal relationships have been either kinky and/or involve power exchange.


I began my spiritual journey in 2021. It’s constantly evolving & has no label, no limit and no boundaries. [Read More] coming soon


Diablo 4, My 2 Cats & 1 Dog, Stuffies, Walking, Delicious Food & Tattoos, All Things Horror, True Crime & Documentaries

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